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Acting Resume for JoAnne Myers


Support Court-August 2021.

A Day With Sheldon Mashagana- Freaky Friday Episode- June 2021.

A Day With Sheldon Mashagana- Bingo Episode-May 2021.

When Reality Strikes: Rich Girl and The Deadbeats-April 2021.

Pod Cast April 2021-Episode Death Rattle-Voice Over for Director Tracie Jules.

Independent Film-December 2019-It's A wonderful Plight.

Cinestate Productions-December 2019-Run Hide Fight.

AMC Pictures-October 2018-Scandal Made Me Famous-The Reese Witherspoon Story.     

ABC Network-April 2018-False Profits.  

Independent film by Nick Campbell-March 2018.

ABC Network-March 2018-False Profits.

AMC Pictures-February 2018-Scandal Made Me Famous: The Patty Hearst Story.   

AMS Pictures-January 2018-The Last Champion.

DYI Network November 2017-Flip N Move.

Love Bank Productions-November 2017-Present-Love Bank.      

DYI Network November 2017-Flip N Move.

MediaTech Institute-May 2017-Voice Over.

AMS Pictures-October 2017-The Price of Fame: The Shania Twain Story.

Web Show-October 2016-Present-These Beats Ain't Free-Reoccurring Role.